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Meet Our Captains

Eco Tours in Panama City Beach, FL

Captains Available For Hire

a woman sitting next to a body of water

Captain Lorraine

Hi! Thanks so much for visiting us online. My name is Lorraine, and I am the owner of Coastal Wildlife Adventures, previously known as Dolphin and Snorkel Tours Inc. Here is a little bit about us.

We are a small family-owned business. Myself and the crew have a genuine passion for the water and all the beautiful creatures that live in and around it. If you were to ask locals that work around the tour boat industry about us, most would probably tell you that we are the tour that likes to have the most fun. We are usually always laughing and having a great time at work. It is very important to me to have a crew that is very positive. We are all friends and we make a great team. Usually, we will all stay in touch throughout tours via VHF radios and let each other know where wildlife and good conditions are for snorkeling are.

Our mission is to work with a purpose: By providing Panama City Beach dolphin tours as educational experiences, which allows a greater understanding and appreciation of wildlife. We are an eco-friendly tour and take steps to make sure we do not disturb or harm any wildlife.

We handle invertebrates briefly to show you, but they always go back right where they came from. We do not keep any live sea creatures on board. We do not permit the taking of any live sea creatures as souvenirs. You are welcome to take any uninhabited shells.


Captain Keaton (Turtle)

“Go do this tour. It was well worth our time & money for the priceless memories we walked away with. Captain Turtle was excellent, keeping our family safe while giving us the experience of a lifetime! It was like ordering from a menu with him from shell hunting, to swimming with dolphins & even spotting a sea turtle Captain Turtle went above & beyond to make sure we experienced all that we wanted to even bringing us to a “secret shell” spot to find the best shells. Obviously he can not control the sea life & your experience with them but if there is an opportunity he will have you in the best place to experience it. We won’t miss the dollars spent for the memories we walked away with.” – Shannon Buie

“We were extremely satisfied with our snorkeling and dolphin experience. Captain Turtle was wonderful. He took the time to show us great places to collect shells and allowed us to see dolphins up close. I mentioned that I never saw a sea turtle in the wild and he actually made that happen. I know he can’t control the wildlife but he knew the best place to find on and we did. We had a great time and would definitely recommend them. Thank you for the memories.” – Mr. Snorkel, TripAdvisor

“We had a great tour with Captain turtle. I would recommend this company, great tour with a knowledgeable captain. Very personable and likable!” – Stephanie B, TripAdvisor

a group of people in a small boat in a body of water

Captain Ryan

Captian Ryan studied Biology at the University of Nebraska. He also has his 50 ton Master Captians license, along with his sailing endorsment.

“Wonderful experience, each time we go (used them before) it’s been awesome memories made!!! Ryan was great and respectful of our ocean.”

-Natalie Moore

“This is my second tour this month. I was here with a friend 3 weeks ago and Ryan took us out. He was very courteous as she is 7 months pregnant. Took it easy on the water with amazing dolphin sightings. This time we had Keegan and she was so cool! The water was too rough for my two young kids in the gulf so after seeing dolphins she took us to shell island and let us walk over to see the gulf and collect shells. Such a fun time both trips. Small boats so you’re not crowded with other people and that is a huge plus!”

– Kristin Reed

“Ryan took us out on an awesome time! We saw dolphins, sea turtles, osprey, and much more! Will definitely be using Coastal Wildlife Adventures again!”

– Lukas Deimund

Captian Jaya


Captain Jaya is originally from Tallahassee, FL. She could not wait to move to the beach as soon as she could! She is a 100 ton certified captain. She also loves sailing, and has captianed large sail boats in the past. Jaya loves kayaking, wildlife, finding sea shells, and loves dogs.

“Jaya was great! What a fun family experience for us getting to snorkel and see so many dolphins. We did a private charter for 3 hours and Jaya tailored the trip just for us. So fun!!!”
-Hanah Lopez

Captian Jamie

Captian Jamie is a 50 ton Captian, who loves boating and sailing. Jamie loves to travel the world, especially beachy places. Some of Jamie’s favorite things are Dolphins, Sharks, and Puppies.

Jamie was born and raised in Panama City Beach.