About US

Our Mission

We have two equally important missions here at Dolphin and Snorkel Tours.

Firstly, we want you to feel special. We specialize in small private groups, this way we personalize our dolphin, snorkel, and sunset tours to fit your personal needs and wants. Do you have any special requests? Let us know and we will do our best to make it happen for you. We know that not everyone desires the same thing. Our goal is to be the best, highest quality dolphin tour you will ever be on.

Our second mission is to work with a purpose and provide educational experiences, which allows for a greater understanding and appreciation of wildlife. We are an eco-friendly tour and take steps to make sure we do not disturb or harm any wildlife.

We do not put profit before the welfare of wild dolphins. We love and respect wild dolphins. We deliberately do not advertise ourselves as a “swim with dolphins” tour so we are not pressured to chase, harass, feed, or force wild dolphins to swim with us. The dolphins are often in a good snorkeling area and we do allow you to get in the water in these areas. Sometimes the dolphins bless us with their presence, sometimes they prefer to keep their distance; either way, the choice is theirs.

The dolphins will thank you for choosing an eco tour outfitter who cares, we will too.