Shell Island Dolphin and Snorkeling Tour

Starting at $68 | Approx. 3 Hours

Private charter

Shell Island Wildlife, Dolphin, and Snorkeling Tour

Shell Island Wildlife, Dolphin, and Snorkeling Tour

Our Private tours are your own personal tours with only the people in your party and the captain on board. We take groups of up to 6 or less.

On our group tours you may be with other guests on the boat.

Our Three-hour tour combines a little bit of everything. We will usually start our adventure by taking you on a Cruise though Grand Lagoon, pointing out some different wildlife, points of interest, and local history, then in the Gulf Of Mexico we usually see our local Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins. We then cruise around Shell Island and surrounding areas looking for and identifying all kinds of wildlife. You will also have the opportunity to snorkel (full gear is included) and visit Shell Island.

Generally, our tour includes:

  • Dolphin encounters
  • Wildlife encounters
  • Snorkeling (mask, fins, snorkel included)
  • A stop at Shell Island
  • Iced cooler with drinks and snacks (You are welcome to bring anything, BYOB, snacks)
  • Small group up to 6 passengers
  • Knowledgeable Captain and tour guide

More in-depth information on our 3-hour tour. Keep in mind that every tour is slightly different since we do not control mother nature

  • Chevron down Dolphin encounters
    • We will literally go the extra mile (or 10) to fulfill your dream of seeing dolphins in their natural habitat!
    • We will look for any other sea life we can find. We commonly see Turtles, Sharks, Rays, Marine Birds and Starfish.
    • A personalized experience is our focus at Dolphin and Snorkel Tours. You’ll be amazed as you hear stories about and learn more about the intelligence of these majestic creatures.
    • Resident pods (groups of dolphins) that stay here year-round, spend a lot of time feeding and playing around the Shell Island waters. Sometimes while the boat is still in the water, dolphins will even surface right beside us, blessing us with their presence.
    • Panama City Beach Dolphin Tours are some of the more popular services that we offer to both our private and group tours. Our private tours allow you the chance to create your own unique dolphin tour experience. To help ensure a memorable and close-up experience, we do limit our boats to only 6 passengers at a time. Whether you want to snorkel in the same waters as the dolphins if the conditions are right or just enjoy their beauty from the boat, we offer something for everybody.
    • You are welcome to swim in the areas that dolphins swim if the conditions are right, however, we do not necessarily advertise this tour as a “swim with dolphins tour”, because we do not feed or harass them. We focus on the conservation of dolphins. We follow and support regulations and guidelines set forth by the Marine Mammal Protection Act. We couldn’t sleep at night, knowing that we contributed to anything to potentially harm these creatures. If they want to swim with you they will, if they don’t we do not force them to. We strive to provide an educational experience, allowing a greater understanding and appreciation on wildlife with minimal disturbance. The dolphins will thank you for choosing a tour outfitter that cares.
  • Chevron down Shell Island Eco Tour
    • Enjoy a private boat tour around the world’s most beautiful beaches, ending with an exploration around historical Shell Island.
    • On our way to Shell Island, be on the lookout for all sorts of marine and wildlife in their natural habitats; including dolphins, sea turtles, ospreys, gulls and pelicans. This private boat tour is expertly led around the beaches of Shell Island. Learn about interesting historical landmarks. You can even stop and look at some of the ship wrecks! After arriving on Shell Island, the tour moves into the sand, where we often find many different species of crabs, mollusks, sand dollars and sea urchins. Our expert tour guide will not only help find these different creatures, but also take the time to explore and explain these unique treasures of Shell Island.
    • Shell Island is a narrow barrier island (7.5 miles long), separating St. Andrew’s Bay from the Gulf of Mexico. This beautiful nature preserve and bird sanctuary is completely uninhabited and only accessible by boat. Shell Island and the waters surrounding it, supports a wide array of wildlife. Shell Island is visited by over 180 species of migratory birds and other wildlife such as dolphins, white tailed deer, wild raccoons, giant manta rays, manatees and much more.
  • Chevron down Snorkeling
    • Come snorkel artificial reefs, sea grass beds, sandbars, and shipwrecks. We do not snorkel the same location every tour, our snorkel spots change according to mother nature. We try to take you to the spots that will be the best for the day of your tour and spots that are fitting for the group on board. Some days some spots are clearer and smoother then others.
    • We provide our guests with an unforgettable snorkeling experience. Our extensive knowledge ensures that visitors experience snorkeling on a whole new level. We focus on smaller groups, (6 guest max) ensuring a more personal, one on one experience.
    • Learn about the abundant marine wildlife you will see, while exploring some of the most productive habits in the world. The marine life will amaze you.
    • Full snorkel gear and a snorkeling lesson is available for you on the tour.
  • Chevron down Meeting Location
  • Pirates Cove Marina
    3901 Thomas Drive
    Panama City Beach,
    FL 32408

  • Chevron down What should we bring?
  • We have almost everything you will need on board, but you can bring anything you would like to. I would recommend bringing a towel, polarized sunglasses and sweater or jacket, just in case. It is always cooler on the water then it is on land because of the breeze and the open air boat. You are also welcome to bring and snacks or drinks with you.

  • Chevron down Not included
  • Gratuity

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