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We go the extra mile to fulfill your dream of seeing dolphins in their natural habitat!

Private Panama City Beach Dolphin Tour

A personalized experience is our focus at Dolphin and Snorkel Tours, but we take that to the next level with our private charters where you create your own unique dolphin tour experience in Panama City Beach.

On your private charter, be amazed as you hear stories about and learn more about the intelligence of these majestic creatures. We’re known for having one of the highest and most consistent concentrations of bottlenose dolphins in the country! We have resident pods that are here year-round and spend a lot of their time feeding and playing around Shell Island. Don’t be surprised if a dolphin or two surfaces right beside the boat!

With our convenient location in Bay Point Marina, the closest marina to Shell Island, we don’t waste time having to travel across the bay and can virtually guarantee dolphin sightings in no time.

Whether you want a two-hour cruise or prefer to spend a whole day out on the water, our two-hour Private Panama City Beach Dolphin Tours are the perfect choice – for both travelers and locals alike. To help ensure a memorable and close-up experience, we do limit our boats to only six passengers at a time. We can also include snorkeling if the conditions are right or you’re invited to simply relax and enjoy the beautiful views from the boat. Let us put together a day you will never forget!